The New Nike Air Zoom White Black sneakers engraved exposure

After nike experienced more than 20 years of technological innovation, the new Nike Air Zoom white black sneakers is now officially released. This shoe combines fashion and coolness to create a full-featured body and has upgraded all equipment. The use of Zoom Air guarantees support while enriching the cushioning experience.

The Nike Air Zoom White Black sneakers have an integrated design for the tongue and upper. The thickness of the tongue is slightly increased to avoid the deviation of the tongue when running. And there is no feeling of oppression of the foot, and the comfort is obviously increased.

When passing through a water station during a marathon.The road is often slippery and it is easy to splash water on the upper. Because Zoom Fly has less cotton material on the upper, the upper does not absorb too much water, which reduces the discomfort caused by the wet uppers.